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What is Backstop?

Backstop is a unique automatic braking system that will help eliminate dangerous reverse motion accidents. The device reacts to pressure. It applies a moving vehicle’s brakes instantly upon contact with another object. After the brakes are locked, the fire apparatus, rescue truck, tractor-trailer, etc. cannot move.

How Does it work?

Backstop automatically applies the brakes when light pressure is applied to the rubber bumper. Just a slight flex activates the brakes. The instant a fire hydrant, telephone pole, tree, loading dock or another vehicle comes in contact with the touch-sensitive bumper, the brakes are applied. Once the brakes are locked and the gear remains in the reverse position, the vehicle cannot move.

The Greatest Advantages of Backstop

Reduce the Risk!

Minimize the danger of reversing a vehicle into walls, buildings, other vehicles, pedestrians and loved ones!

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire system has been engineered to be cost efficient. It comes in easy-to- install kits, which can be attached to any vehicle with air brakes in approx. four (4) to six (6) hours.

The BSK-96-12 kit contains six basic items: (1) The Control Switch Module, (2) 8 ft. Rubber Sensor, (3) 8 ft. 4mm Sensor Tubing, (4) Sixteen Mounting Tabs, (5) BAS Valve and (6) 4 mm Connector.

The BSK-96-12-L kit contains six basic items: (1) The Control Switch Module, (2) 8 ft. Rubber Sensor, (3) 8 ft. 4mm Sensor Tubing, (4) 2 pc LED Strips, (5) BAS Valve and (6) 4 mm Connector.

Both systems connect with the truck (or trailer) service brake system and the rubber sensor is mounted on the rear of the vehicle.

Before Backstop, all other devices relied on the driver’s response time to avoid an accident. Conventional devices include:

  • Back-up alarm beepers, which are often totally ignored by pedestrians, even when used with flashing lights.
  • Electronic eyes are also used. However, they become “blind” with road dirt.
  • Cameras, which can be expensive, are easily damaged and subject to vibrations and theft.
  • Sonar systems may have “dead” spots that do not permit a full view.

None of these devices actually stop a vehicle automatically.

Backstop systems are manufactured under the strict guidelines and auspices of Backstop – USA t/a, a division of Universal Life Safety Products.

Backstop had been in development since 1980. After two full years of extensive field-testing, it was introduced in the U.K in 1983. It became available on the U.S. market, after some modifications, testing and approvals early in 1986.

Backstop can be purchased and installed by your local fire equipment distributor, fire apparatus or truck repair center and all fire apparatus manufactures. Backstop USA does not install systems. Municipalities can order direct by filling out the quote form on this website.